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on food again, but definitely up to another level..

October 1, 2010

Today was spent trying to figure out where the international policy agenda on food security and nutrition is going.

The first consideration was that only 3 years ago there wasn’t such a thing as an “international policy agenda on food security and nutrition”, but simply a “let’s fight hunger” attitude that was indeed not going anywhere, probably because aid to fight hunger with systematic and long term interventions has been declining steadily since the 1980s’.

But after the unforeseen (?) food prices spike in 2008, things have shaken up a bit.

So, what did I discover?

First of all, that there is something called Right to Food Approach which is having a great deal of success in the international community.  This is not binding and do not oblige any government to do really anything, but has given other people a good reason to advocate for it and in some cases almost get it. (India)

Further to that, amongst new developments, something that look promising: the Committee on Food Security transformed into a much more broader Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security

While the EU Food Facility has almost expired (it will in 2011) before being able of reporting any success. Or maybe I am looking in the wrong directions? Does anyone knows how much has been spent so far?

Still, I don’t think I have found yet any convincing answer to these sensible questions

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