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money money money

February 28, 2011


that’s all what DFID is talking about in evaluating its aid expenditure (multilateral and bilateral) based on performance results. The idea is to look at aid expeditures “with a new focus on results and value for money, and the results will set the framework for UK aid policy for several years to come“.  ODI’s blog comments today on the preliminary findings and gives some interesting anticipations on who is doing well and who not (too bad for FAO, but we can’t say that was unexpected!).  It also questions the idea of using the concept “good value for money” in aid and development, where often risks and failures come before any success.

If you are interested in a more complex and probably enlightening way of assessing aid impact and transparency, I strongly suggest Owen Barden’s “Eight lessons from three years working on aid transparency” My favourites? 3 and 4.

I still don’t get why this book about having less and less money has received so much attention (I have found it reviewed in at least 10 development/economics blogs so far, so I can’t avoid doing my bit here), but maybe you can consider listening to the summary instead of reading it all.

And, finally, can someone please find some money to avoid such unbearable sadness from the BBC World Service?

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